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Cinderella Rehearsal Schedule

Hi All.

Thank you for your patience in receiving the rehearsal schedule. We are very excited to get Cinderella underway!

Attached is the rehearsal schedule. It is broken down by cast color. Please reference the following list.

April-May Schedule

Blue Cast 

Cinderella Caroline Capacchione

Prince Griffin Riley

King Isaac Harrington

Queen Ava Scroggins

Herald  Lou Heaney

Steward  Vanessa Harris

Chef  Sam Hardy

Maestro  Zdenek Kratky

Step Mother  Anna Amaris

Portia   Coco Gott

Joy  Lucy McArdle

Fairy Godmother   Cate Clemmerson 

Featured Dancers / Girls of the Forest: Gold Cast

Meredith Diehl

Ava Shirley

Grace Ann Goodale

CC Wood

Sienna Duffy

Audrey Orr

Annabelle Nicholson

Ella Kocourek

Ashley Blanton

Samantha Hames

Helene Schroeder

Castle People: Purple Cast

Savannah Guertin

Sylvia Guertin

Oliver Foley

Camren Nelson

Ella Cantwell

Kate Manley

Ty Nelson

Patrick Taylor

Kate Van Sloun

Gillian Arana

John Lickteig

Wm Wyatt Gese

Davan Rosen

Meg Lickteig

Henrick Nelson

Thomas Scheel

Mary Koby

Margaret Frohman

Jack Sjosten

Aidan Faherty

Elena Jackson

Cleo Haase

Katie Sjosten

Cole Shirley

Towns People: Green Cast

Henry Cleary

Jack Certain

Meghan Eikens

Gabby Lenzmeier

Owen Nugent

Christian Carter

Grace Radam

Lilly Stotts

Indo Boardman

Gabe Sullivan

Vivian Woodland

Caitlin O’Neill

Charlotte Rosen

Henry Nicholson

Ava Turner

Michael Loeffler

Sam Certain

Emma Brajie

Eleanor Stoffel

Lucas Anderle

Wilson Naumann

Elena Voda

Maya Dennewill

Coachmen /women – low commitment TBD

Hayden Bragie

Aislin Lacher

Finn Turner

Please let me know if you have any questions and conflicts.

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