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Lower Campus K-2
2900 W. 44th. St.
Phone: 612.920.9075
Fax: 612.920.8504
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Upper Campus 3-8
3210 W. 51st. St.
Phone: 612.927.8673
Fax: 612.927.7426
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Ms. Daugherty's Homepage 

Welcome to 8th Grade, Room 11!


Thank you for visiting my page! This is my sixth year here at Carondelet.  I feel very blessed to be part of the middle school team here and I look forward to continuing to get to know the wonderful families at CCS. Please visit my page often to keep up with what is going on in Room 11!

Contact Information:
adaugherty@carondelet-mpls.org (best way to reach me!)
612-927-0005 ext. 33

7th Grade Summer Math Packet
8th Grade Summer Math Packet (email Ms. Daugherty for a copy)

Links for various websites you may need:

ConnectEd Online Math Portal (click here!)
*your username is your Carondelet username, your password is the same without the symbol (exclamation point) at the end*

eBackpack CLICK HERE!

 JOB #: 19417

TADS EDUCATE - Check your grades!  Click Here!

Middle School Grading Scale

A+ = 98-100%      A = 93-97%        A- = 90-92%
B+ = 88-89%        B = 83-87%        B- = 80-82%
C+ = 78-79%        C = 73-77%        C- = 70-72%
D+ = 68-69%        D = 63-67%        D- = 60-62%
F = 59% or below

Math Grading Breakdown
Homework: 25%
Math Notebook: 10%
Chapter Quizzes & Projects: 15%
Tests: 50%

Math Homework Point Scale

5 Points All problems attempted (JUST TRY IT!) Turned in on time 90% or more correct

4 points All problems attempted Turned in on time 75%-90% correct

3 Points Majority of problems attempted Turned in on time Less than 75% correct

2 Points Less than half of problems attempted Turned in Late (unexcused)

0 Points Assignment is missing and unexcused

Homework: See eBackpack for daily assignments
All math homework is due the following class day, unless otherwise noted!

7th Grade Pre-Algebra 2
7th Grade Pre-Algebra 2 will begin our study with multi-step equations and move into an understanding of linear equations and slope!

8th Grade Algebra
Algebra this year will focus on linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, and move into quadratics!

8th Grade Geometry
Geometry will challenge students to think outside the box and apply their algebraic thinking from Algebra 1 to various concepts to solve complex problems involving coordinate planes, 2 and 3 dimensional figures, transformations, and much more!

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