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Visual Arts - Mr. Durben


"Every child is an artist..." 
- Pablo Picasso (Spanish painter / sculptor)

The Carondelet Artists' Gallery - 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade art, & 7th/8th advanced art

8th grade - "Masterpiece Murals" - 

Lesson on Post Impressionism and collaborative grid art.  Each student used one grid of the following paintings:  Cézanne's Still Life, Gauguin's Still Life with Three Puppies, and Van Gogh's Starry Night.  The student then, using their own style and choice of media, created that grid larger in proportion.


8th grade - "Periodic Table - Printmaking Project" - 

The periodic table of the elements is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science.  It is still used today to help correctly measure chemicals, to understand the nature of electrons and protons in quantum mechanics, and to indicate element groups with similar chemical properties.  Each element is unique like each of these 8th grade students.  But together, here at Carondelet, the students have developed bonds that make a stronger community.  It is with this in mind that they have created their own artistic version of the periodic table.

Each student was responsible for two elements to research, design, and print in either block or monotype prints. 

7th grade - "Font Faces" - Computer graphic self portraits were made by students using Adobe Illustrator.  Students turned the alphabet, in their choice of font, into a graphic image.

7th grade - "Organic Composting Posters" - 

The students created posters using recycled grocery bags to bring awareness to Carondelet's composting program.  The poster from the Carondelet design team, Heaney, Carroll, & Streitz, was a finalist in the International Composting Awareness Week 2010 poster contest. Although a professional from the adult age group won the poster contest, the Carondelet design team won "Best in Student Category"!

"It was very difficult to judge the posters this year because the standard was so high. We would like to congratulate everyone who entered and say well done to the overall winners." –  Wayne King, President of the US Composting Council.

7th grade - "Solo-ettes" - What's on our minds?

6th grade - "Crazy Hair Day" - students made crazy hair self-portraits using lines, patterns, and shapes.

5th grade - "Such Good Sports!" - students made self-portraits of themselves doing their favorite sport using lines, patterns, and shapes.  Heads are in sports ball, medal, or motif head shapes.

4th grade - "Ink Animals" - using a real feather quill to make animals in lines.

3rd grade - "Color Wheel Art" - Mixing primary colors.

3rd grade - "Sun & Moon Scratch Art" - Using positive and negative printing.

3rd Grade - "Grid Enlargement Technique" -
The students discovered and learned Chuck Close's painting technique of "Kiki" at the Walker Art Museum field trip.  Wow, Carondelet artists have such patience and focus.

3rd Grade - "String painting" 
This was a lesson on types of lines, symmetry, and asymmetry using a string for painting.

7th/8th grade advanced art - "Pop Art" 
Artists and designers use creativity, imagination, and innovation to make a work of art.  Advanced lessons on the Elements and Principles of Design are presented to guide students through the process, enhance their understanding of art in the context of personal, public and professional communities, and develop their critical, creative and collaborative reasoning skills and performance.  Examples by artists and designers from around the world are studied, including a fun introduction to the history of Pop Art.  Inspired by Pop Art such as the Spoonbridge and Cherry by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen, students create their own Pop Art sculptures using a variety of materials.  

7th/8th grade advanced art - Stage Set design:

For The Wizard of Oz, students designed and painted a large backdrop, made a tornado with flying debris, a 12 foot inflatable Great and Powerful Oz, a magical hourglass showing the heads of Auntie Em and the Wicked Witch, a large puppet of the Wizard in a balloon, and interchangeable platform sets: 

For the Godspell production, students studied the modern concepts of Street Art.  Students then designed and painted nine large, free-hanging paintings.  They were inspired by both researching the screenplay and making connections between the play and the students' generation and culture

In the Once Upon A Mattress production, a comedy based on the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”, students studied and used the underpainting techniques of the High Renaissance masters to create the backdrop.  Students then designed and made a faux stacked mattress bed, a castle wall, large medieval weights, and other props. They were inspired using the design process to brainstorm, edit, research, and develop the stage set and props to create a unified theme:

For the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory productionstudents designed and created a cityscape including a factory in silhouette, inspired by Roald Dahl’s classic book, various movies, and the screenplay. Then students painted a chocolate factory scene on a 30 x 14 foot backdrop, made large lollipops, candy bar, & cake pops, a gummy bear boat, a candy cart, and a eight-foot tall inflatable blueberry, etc.  Students coordinated cohesive color palettes while using the elements and principles of design:

For the The Lion King Jr. production, students designed and created a rotatable stage set with three sides: Pride Rock, Scar’s cave, and a jungle waterfall.  Inspired by Disney’s animated movie and Broadway musical, students made a dozen large wildebeest shields, an elephant bones graveyard, giant bugs, flying vultures & birds, a hanging fabric jungle swag, moon, and parts laden with stars that turned into the Lion King, etc.  Students used a the design process, coordinated cohesive color palettes, and utilized the elements and principles of design:    

In this classic musical production of Guys and Dolls, students designed and painted a 30’ x 14’ canvas backdrop with a New York City street scene inspired by Edward Hopper’s artwork and color palette.  After carefully researching the musical and screenplay, students made 14 pairs of large dice, a passenger plane, a NYC park bench, a mission drum logo, large palm trees, and a large sewer.  Students worked through the design process and utilized the elements and principles of design:

For the Rogers and Hammerstein’s classic, Cinderella, students carefully researched both the musical and screenplay, then made a garden scene and set that included a fountain, pillars, finials, and garden benches.  Students learned a faux marble painting technique that utilized real feathers.  For the banquet scene, students created a large lobster and other royal delicacies.  Students worked through the design process, chose a color palette, and utilized the elements and principles of design:



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