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Home & School Association
Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 12

Opening Prayer – Karin burbach


school update – Sue Kerr


Carondelet got to have one of Google’s first augmented reality experience at the school this week. It was well received by students and teachers!


The administrative staff has been most busy with budgeting and busing plans for next school year. Once the budget and tuition are set, we will open registration. The busing survey feedback was varied across parents, so the board and school administration are working hard on the best solution for the school.


The school is continuing to implement positive behavioral culture and is working on developing and enacting a program with students and parents. This also includes curriculum that will be incorporated in the classroom.


There is a group called 4HG – For His Glory – this is a sports program trying to keep sports inclusive that will train principles and athletic directors on these principles.


We want to be respectful of the amount of asks going out to businesses and our parent community. We are going to try to keep those asks centered through our development office. We’d like asks to go through Heather Faber, especially to businesses so they do not feel fatigue from our community. Balancing asks and financial goals was discussed as a group.


Home & School financial update – mary Cleary


Dues are still trickling in – there is still about $1,000 to be paid.  Donuts with Dads, Muffins with Mom, and Family Bingo have all netted a surplus toward the budget. We have also had some nice savings, including the family directory coming in under budget.


We’d like to have people share if they donated items to various events they’ve participated in, so that we know realistic costs for future years.


We still have an ultimate goal of breaking even overall on Home & School. Our main goal continues to be to support the school with volunteers when there is a need, with a secondary goal of community-building.


home & school end-of-year teacher gift discussion


We give each teacher a $75 end-of-year gift from Home & School. This is in addition to the room reps collecting funds for a large end-of-year gift. The group and administrative staff agreed to eliminate the end-of-year teacher gifts from home & school and instead focus on the classroom end-of-year gifts to teachers.


GoGo recap – teresa evans


Go Go exceeded budget again this year and feedback was great on a number of aspects. We are looking for new co-chairs for Go Go for next year.


Some parents have raised the idea of bringing the event back to the gym. Teresa is a professional fundraiser and has seen much more proven success over the years with a sit-down format. D’Amico is not charging the school for the facility rental, only for or meals. Currently the event is netting more for the school at this outside venue. We’ll want to look at these numbers in considering where we go with the event in the future.


pops & lollies overview – frankie lenzmeier and megan hendrickson


Pops & Lollies will continue to have a similar format in the school gym on Saturday, May 19. We will change the theme this year to Springtime in Paris. We are in need of volunteers, especially in assisting with gym set up the day before the event (Friday, May 18). The team will continue to search for chance buckets through parent donations as they are very popular with the girls.


Pops & Lollies does typically product a nice surplus that we give to the school at the end of the year. However, the ultimate goal continues to be community-building and the school does not budget for this surplus.


mom & son overview – angi rassi and kris ott


The Mom & Son event will again be held at a St. Paul Saints game after strong feedback on the format of the event from last year. The event will take place on Sunday, June 24. The chance buckets were a big success and we’ll continue to offer those with donations from CCS families.


This event is more expensive than the Pops & Lollies event because of the hard costs associated with tickets. Last year, families were only charged the school’s ticket price. However, with feedback from the group, we will charge even less this year with a fixed price per family and budget for a break even.


2018-19 volunteer roles and leadership team


All leadership roles are open for next year. Please come see the team to learn more about those roles, or visit the Home & School web page within the school’s website for more detail.


soon regarding this initiative.

We’ll again host a grandparents’ tea for the daytime performance of the Christmas concert. It was very well
attended last year, and we’ll need volunteers to help execute this smoothly.
Go Go Update
– Teresa Evans and Debbie McDowell
February 10 is the date for the Go Go event, It will be held at the Metropolitan Ballroom again. We’ll host a
sit-down dinner and feature the “winners wall” again. We’ll also have a wine pull and a live auction, in
addition to featuring the fund-a-need during the program. We’re bringing back the photo booth by popular
We need volunteers to help during the event, as well as items for the winners’ wall. We also need elite
items for the live auction, such as a VIP experience or other big-ticket items.
Rather than classroom art, we are trying something new with themed gift baskets from each classroom in
grades 1-7. We’ll be keeping the kindergarten and eighth grade photos. Each classroom will come up with
a theme for its basket, grades 6-8 are putting together more adult-themed baskets and grades 1-5 will put
together kid-themed items. We’ll rely on room reps to communicate information about the baskets and help
us pick themes.
Volunteer Requests
– Stephanie Coogan and Hannah Kuhn
Catholic Schools Week - We’re looking for volunteers for Catholic Schools week to help put on a lunch for
the teachers on Wednesday, January 31. Volunteer jobs will include breaking teachers at lunch and recess
duty so they can enjoy foo,d as well as setting up and taking down the lunch. We will also feature a raffle
again for one teacher to get a day off!
Morning with St Nick – We’ll be looking for volunteers the Friday before the morning event, as well as
during the event. The event is now going to be held on December 9 in the lower campus cafeteria.
We’re looking for leadership for the 2018-19 Home & School Board. Please consider helping lead this great
group. Come talk to us – it’s fun!

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