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Lower Campus K-2
2900 W. 44th. St.
Phone: 612.920.9075
Fax: 612.920.8504
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Upper Campus 3-8
3210 W. 51st. St.
Phone: 612.927.8673
Fax: 612.927.7426
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Kindergarten Program Highlights

The goal of the kindergarten program is to help each student achieve a healthy concept of self, respect for others and love of learning. By offering both full-day and half-day programs, we are able to provide a cooperative learning environment that meets the individual developmental needs of students, so that each experiences growth emotionally, socially, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Our teaching staff works toward each child appreciating his or her own special qualities and uniqueness, employing hands-on classroom activities designed to create positive self-esteem. Students feel safe, loved and secure.

Kindergartners develop pride in their work and expand their feeling of self-worth in a Christian atmosphere. Our students learn to work and play independently and in small and large groups; learn to listen, follow directions and complete tasks; and work toward becoming self-directed learners by making responsible choices.

We create an environment that allows children to discover, analyze, solve problems and cooperate with their peers in a positive way. Self-expression is encouraged through art, dramatic play, large-muscle activities, manipulations and games. Activities are structured throughout the day to provide an appropriate balance between spontaneous play and structured play.

Working together, parents, teachers and middle-school students guide kindergartners toward understanding their role as responsible members of society. Through a special program, the eighth grade students are paired with kindergartners to promote community spirit between the two campuses.

Because we share the eagerness of parents to make their child’s introduction to elementary school a positive one, parents are welcome to participate in their child’s education by visiting the classroom, attending special events and accompanying teachers and students on field trips.

Curriculum areas include communication arts, math, religion, social studies, science and art. Teaching specialists provide support to classroom teachers in music, Spanish, physical education and library.

A typical day in kindergarten starts off with a prayer and includes exploration of reading, math, science or social studies concepts through theme development; instruction in religion and one or more of the specialty areas, such as music or physical education; and snack and quiet time. Other activities during the week may include story sharing, games, dramatic play, journals and singing.

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