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Mr. Main's Technology Page

Carondelet Catholic Technology Help Desk

Any and all issues, concerns, ideas, etc. about technology at Carondelet Catholic School should be submitted to the Carondelet Catholic Technology Help Desk. That can be done in one of two ways. First, an individual can email the help desk at techhelp@carondelet-mpls.org. Doing so will create a ticket and alert Mr. Main, technology coordinator, and Mr. Blanda, assistant principal. If an email is sent to the help desk, please be as detailed as possible to ensure that things are handled properly. The second way to submit a ticket to the help desk is to use our online portal at https://carondelet.on.spiceworks.com/portal. The portal provides a more detailed way to alert the help desk, Mr. Main, and Mr. Blanda to the issue, concern, or suggestion. Eventually, the Carondelet Catholic Technology Help Desk will be used to generate and maintain a "knowledge base" that will provide information and solutions that one can try on her or his own. If anyone has questions about the help desk, please email them to techhelp@carondelet-mpls.org or go to https://carondelet.on.spiceworks.com/portal to submit them through the online portal.

Michael Main
Technology Coordinator
Technology at Carondelet Catholic School:

Our goal at Carondelet Catholic School is total integration. We want our students to develop the skills and awareness to use technology as powerful tools in their daily lives. We focus on exposing students to as much technology as possible in their regular classroom activities. Whether it is using an iPad app to reinforce fundamental math and reading skills, or having students generate a presentation that they edit collaboratively in Google Drive and then present using the Promethean system in their classroom, Carondelet Catholic School strives to immerse students in an educational environment that will prepare them for secondary education in the 21st century, as well as ready them for the increasingly digital world beyond the wall of academia. We have also invested in our commitment to technology integration by introducing a 1-to-1 iPad Program in the middle school, placing 5 iPads directly into every K-5 classroom, providing every K-5 classroom with a top of the line student computer, and making numerous online educational services available to all of our students, including Typing Agent to promote keyboarding familiarity for all of our students.

Current Technology Available at Carondelet:
  • At least 1 computer and a Promethean ActivBoard in each classroom
  • iMac Lab with 26 computers
  • 5 iPads in every K-5 Classroom as well as 5 iPads each for our reading specialist and our special services coordinator
    • 15 additional iPads for classroom use at the Lower Campus
    • 15 additional iPads for classroom use at the Upper Campus
  • 50 ChromeBooks — a set of 25 at each campus
  • Middle School 1-to-1 iPad Program — every middle school student has a school provided iPad available to her or him at school and at home

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