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Lower Campus K-2
2900 W. 44th. St.
Phone: 612.920.9075
Fax: 612.920.8504
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Upper Campus 3-8
3210 W. 51st. St.
Phone: 612.927.8673
Fax: 612.927.7426
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Program Highlights

For 70 years, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet have been involved in educating young people of Minneapolis and its suburbs. For decades, they have instilled a pride of our Catholic heritage, which is the foundation for all learning. Carondelet Catholic School offers a traditional curriculum while also giving students the opportunities to work cooperatively, develop thinking skills and the skills needed to communicate effectively in a technologically changing world.

Classrooms in kindergarten through fifth grade are self-contained, with specialized instruction in Spanish, music, physical education, and art (grades four through eight). At some grade levels, teachers share content responsibilities, which involves some movement of students from classroom to classroom. The middle-school program is departmentalized, with specialized teachers in each curriculum area.

Our program of study includes religion, mathematics, communication arts (which include reading, spelling, grammar, and language arts), science, social studies, Spanish, music, art, and physical education. Students also have weekly library and computer instruction and use computers for special class projects.

In religion classes, students are invited to know, love, and honor God and to examine their own religious experience, to listen to God’s Word, to study what the Church teaches, and to participate in ritual and other forms of prayer. They are encouraged to put their faith and creativity into action by planning and fully participating in prayer services, performing service projects for those less fortunate, and by showing respect and concern for each other.

The Spanish program begins in kindergarten and continues through eighth grade. It places a high priority on developing a concern for global justice and an appreciation for differences among people. The goal is that, by eighth grade graduation, students appreciate Spanish and Latin American cultures, and can converse, read and write in Spanish.

Unique to Carondelet Catholic School is our Orff music program, which combines group singing with group instrumentation on xylophones, glockenspiels, and other Orff instruments. Students begin to use the instruments in kindergarten and gradually become more adept at playing a wide range of instruments. The goal of the program is to provide an enjoyable, active and emotional experience, satisfying each student’s desire for creativity and accomplishment. Each December, students perform in public for families and friends in a Christmas program featuring song and instrumentation.

Carondelet Catholic School offers Internet access and a fully equipped computer laboratory on the Upper Campus for student instruction and use for classroom projects. Classroom computers are available for student use on the Lower Campus, providing opportunities to integrate computer programs with the curriculum. Technology not only provides a richer learning experience for Carondelet students today, but prepares them for the next stages in their education and beyond.

Students in kindergarten through grade three receive one hour per week of directed art instruction in which they learn the elements and principles of design and experiment with a variety of art media to stimulate their individuality and creativity. Students in grades four through eight have an art lesson twice a week. They learn more complex and abstract concepts, more difficult techniques and processes, and study the cultural and historic context of art.

The most important aspect of the physical education program is teaching children to move safely, efficiently, and in a positive manner in all physical settings. Our program encompasses all ability levels and nurtures both sportsmanship and Christian behavior. Students learn to play team games in a cooperative manner and to focus on improving individual skills rather than on competition. Physical fitness for all students is stressed throughout the school year.

Each week, students in all grades receive instruction in use of the library. The primary objective of library education is to help students build a lifetime habit of library use. We want them to become effective users of ideas and information available to them in a variety of ways, including the Internet, computer programs on CD-ROM such as encyclopedias, and other reference materials.

Other activities are offered to enrich student experiences. These include community service projects, retreats, beginning band, concert band, jazz band, chess club, science fairs, Masterpiece of Art program and an interscholastic sports program.

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